Windows98 updating activex

5- Make sure that 'Enabled' or 'Prompt' is selected.

Although building Microsoft's own Web browser into the user desktop was one of the defining issues in the U. Justice Department's antitrust suit against Microsoft in the 1990s, Windows 98 was released as planned with its tightly integrated browser.

Active X is a deprecated software framework created by Microsoft that can be used in Windows applications like Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Windows Media Player and etc.

An old example on the usage of Active X was using your Internet Explorer web browser to check, download and install Windows Updates.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer was designed to be considerably more with the operating system than previous versions.

With Active Desktop, users can view and access desktop objects online as well as local files and applications.

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RSSUSB), which makes it easy to plug in new devices Windows 98 was by followed Windows 2000, an evolution of the Windows OS designed for personal or professional use.

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