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Kelly was apparently provoking the women with her childish antics and told Tamra it’s no wonder that her estranged daughter, Sidney, doesn’t talk to her.Tamra was absolutely livid with the comment and the fact that Kelly dared to even mention her daughter’s name, knowing just how sensitive the matter is to her.The moment not only shocked their co-stars, but viewers, too, who haven’t seen Tamra take things this far on the show.According to Star Magazine, shots were recently fired when Tamra took to her Twitter account to call Kelly ‘a criminal,’ referencing her tumultuous past.brings on celebrities as well as every-day people to get some of the craziest plastic surgery mishaps fixed.If you've ever seen the show before, then you know that Terry and Paul are practically magicians.He lives in a beautiful remodeled place on Lake Mission Viejo.” The house can be yours for ,000 a month.

Terry is also the younger brother of Quiet Riot's late singer Kevin Du Brow.

It looks like the gloves are off between Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd on ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County.’ In fact, there’s new speculation that Tamra might get fired from the reality show after taking things too far with her co-star.

Tamra and Kelly’s feud escalated during a recent trip to Ireland with the rest of the cast.

With the show returning for a second season, we see everything from cement injected into faces, breast implants as butt implants ... So, what do two successful plastic surgeons like these men make for a living?

Well, Terry Dubrow's estimated net worth is reported at million, while Paul Nassif's is reported at million.

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Sidney has chosen not to speak with her mother because she’s embarrassed of her behavior on the show and has even been mocked and ridiculed by her peers at school for it.

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  1. Heather says that the RHOC cast filmed a cool special for a behind the scenes look at season 8 (we’re on season 11 right now, just fyi). “They sat us all down and did interviews with us.” She says that it was the season that Gretchen Rossi proposed to Slade Smiley. And you will see very pointedly about one person on the show why they were not asked back, because they were popular.” Heather says fans are going to love it – it airs June 13th, the week before the season 11 premiere.