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"He wants to get to know her even better." While La Lohan's taste in men (or women, for that matter) has been questionable, she may have struck gold with this one: We hear Senn is tapped to shoot a Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign with Madonna.

"Adam is pretty up-and-coming, and Lindsay likes that," says the source.

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When advisors of a company willfully misclassify employees as independent contractors, it appears there are other ways to seek restitution.

Lindsay Lohan is covering all her bases before she ships off to India - and that includes kissing several boys goodbye.

The latest on the troubled starlet's to-do list is Gucci model Adam Senn, a partial owner of Chelsea eatery Il Bastardo, who's best known for his stint on "The City." According to an insider, the two first met while Li Lo was in NYC for Fashion Week. "The last time Lindsay was in town, Adam shut down the restaurant early so they could be alone.

Directly from NAAFA Message #23, Updated 6/23/2017 -- “Directly to MEMBERS . You might want to read the comments at the end of the article, too. 4/4/2017Following are several links to news releases that have come out regarding the recent jury decision in the Jammal v American Family class action trial.

Please honor the confidentiality of this information. Having an arbitration clause in a contract might encourage misclassified workers to personally sue those in charge, but even without such a clause in one's contract, this alternate avenue presents an interesting backup means for misclassified workers to seek restitution, doesn't it? This is a very recent article written by Bruce Murphy of the Urban Milwaukee. The article seems to throw a clear beam of light on what has really been happening over the years.

He thinks Lindsay is a fun girl." That's practically the understatement of the century, but the source insists tha Senn isn't just out for a good time.

"He's genuinely interested in her, and it seems pretty mutual," the snitch says.

"Adam even said he was looking forward to when she got back from India" - where Linds is going to film a documentary for the BBC about human trafficking.

The style double acts choose him for a conference called "A Stroke of Luxury" which was photograph by Robbie Fimmano in 2010.

Senn had a front position in the 2011 film "Video Girl" which starred Meagan Good.

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