Updating tomcat

While it is possible that older versions of Tomcat may not be compatible with newer JVMs, all the currently supported Apache Tomcat versions (6.0.x, 7.0.x, 8.0.x, 8.5.x and 9.0.x) are known to run correctly on Java 8 JVMs.When migrating from one major Tomcat version to another (e.g.

BIO may still be used but Servlet 3.1 and Web Socket 1.0 features that use non-blocking IO will then use blocking IO instead which may cause unexpected application behavior.

The changes between versions of specifications may be found in the implementation so that it also checked identifiers to see if they were names of imported classes or fields.

In some circumstances, this change triggers significant slow down.

In the questions/answers section of Atlassians web site I did not find any hint about tomcat updates.

v=1"); //ready */ // load CSS("https://supportftp.arcserve.com/css/css?

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