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Just, remember to buy items from worst to best because you can't re equip.

hey guys,if you are lucky,you will have a chance to get an event,and if you go to a girl that you like,and the event happens, WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT SAY NO, IT WILL DECREASE YOUR RELATIONSHIP, SAY YES, AND YOU WILL GET A NICE BOOST.

You are waling around the street and see two girls.

One is sitting on the wooden stool and smiling to you while the other girl standing there alone with the face of no disturbing.

Will he survive another year again without a scratch? Join him in another journey through moments that will make you cry or laugh. My follow up to the ending is that we both trow ourselves from the rooftop(i eat her wings so that she cant fly) and I turn into a ghost and Grab the ghoul By The Pussy. I hate this game so much just if I could actually date that ghost bitch everything would had being ok and I wouldnt had to kill myself. I will kill myslef right now to be able to date the ghost bitch, its a win-win.

(I recommend playing this on a fast or okay computer or else it would crash. ) Ikimono High: Monster girls dating sim: Ikimono High official facebook page: High/ FUUUUUCK. I FUCK THE GHOST BITCH HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA.

Also, if the game takes too much to load, it's because the game's file size is 29mb. I got the hapi chan ending and I wanted the ghost bitch. I didn't do anything to go out and fuck that harpy bitch.

Alot of people have written them down so check toroughly.

Whether you joined the fight against corporations or got blackmailed by them, you can form alliances with fellow hackers who share your ambitions. The game features a persistent virtual open world with deep gameplay features.

This is the sequel to Ikimono High: Monster girls dating sim.

Kei Nakajima is now on his second year at Ikimono High, a school built purposely for monsters and mythological beings.

Try these games and your date will be a guaranteed success!

Our Flash sim date games are romantic, cute, and fun.

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Not only that, Hacker Experience 2 is open source and you can learn a lot about computers, security and privacy simply by playing it.

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