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Many non–religious parents see Church of Ireland school ethos as morally and spiritually attractive for their children.”Three Northern Ireland bishops with parishes stretching into the Republic signed the statement: Rev Dr Richard Clarke (Armagh), Rev John Mc Dowell (Clogher) and Rev Ken Good (Derry and Raphoe).

“It is difficult to reconcile what we know and experience about the schools under Church of Ireland patronage with much public debate around school admissions and primary education in general,” they point out.

Among the violence of the era were a series of attacks around the towns of Bandon, Clonakilty and Dunmanway in Co Cork in April 1922, when the IRA killed 13 Protestants.

The bloodshed had been the subject of an RTE documentary in 2009, when the broadcaster said that hundreds if not thousands of Protestants fled in terror as a result of the apparently sectarian onslaught.

Changes will create a new cohort of children excluded from education in their own faith.

Or that if present-day residents of the West Cork town went back in time 70 years, all the street names would be different?

Collins was a veteran of the Easter Rising, and Mr Higgins praised his “organisational genius”, noting that in 1916 – when the British forces were deeply engaged in World War One – he had “become quite convinced of the necessity of seizing the weak moment of the British Empire as an opportunity for a physical force movement to strike for freedom”.

The only exceptions to this headcount-style rule were North Belfast (where the community divide is so close elections could go either way) and Catholic-dominated Fermanagh & South Tyrone (where the UUP and DUP had agreed a pact to stand just one candidate between them).According to the Irish Times, on Sundays the 10am Protestant service will be followed by Catholic Mass at 11.45am. Mary's Church said the gesture was “yet another example of the exceptional goodwill and wholesome spirit of Christian solidarity which we experience with our local Church of Ireland community.”Fair play to all involved!You reached the most popular UK Christian singles and dating site for Christians in Ireland- the 100% FREE online personals service for Irish single Christians.While the walls were a protective measure, they also emphasised an explicit demarcation between the local Catholic and Protestant communities.“There was a strong demarcation between the two cultures.

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The president said Irish people “need to display courage and honesty as we seek to speak the truth of the period”.

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