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The song's music video was released in two versions, with one featuring models Emily Ratajkowski, Jessi M'Bengue, and Elle Evans being topless, while the other censored nudity.The uncut version of the video was at one time removed from You Tube for violating the site's terms of service regarding nudity; it was later restored, but with an age restriction.Videos of violent deaths "can help create awareness", but must be marked disturbing.So too is footage of non-sexual child abuse, unless it is shared "with sadism and celebration".It's the nudity that's the no-no: Documents from Facebook indicate a rise in self-harm being streamed with more than 5,000 reported incidents over a two-week period.The company does react to media scrutiny, and was criticised for live streaming a Chicago man's suicide as well as leaving the video of a Thai user's infant murder online for 24 hours.

Heidi Klum doesn’t need to introduce herself at a party—or anywhere, really—but she does anyway.

They decide whether material posted by the network's two billion users stays online or not.

Protected by a law, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which in the United States gives any intermediary a powerful legal shield against liability, it isn't surprising to find Facebook leans on the side of permissiveness.

I detoured from wanting to become a designer when I won a modeling contest [in Germany] and never looked back. I don’t love big push-up bras and boobs right under your neck! I thought we need to do something different for the super sexy girls who have lots of push-up bras but also love no lining inside, where it’s all lace.

After many years [in fashion] and meeting many people, everyone always wants to know how you dress, what shoes and jeans you think are best, what bras have the best fit. My whole slogan, what I tell my design team, is always “more boobs, less bra.”.

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“Hi, I’m Heidi,” she says with the type of voice that practically hugs you, flashing a million-dollar smile. My agency at the time said, “You have to go to Miami!

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