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As Herculean as he is in stature, no one man—not even Johnson—can achieve elusive membership into Hollywood’s upper echelon of top earners on his own.

Behind Johnson is a 15-strong team at Los Angeles-based talent agency William Morris Endeavor (WME) working solely on his interests.

In a heartfelt and hilarious post on Instagram this weekend, the mom-to-be opened up about her pregnancy journey.

Along the way, she shared one fear that just so happens to be inside her head."Like Big Daddy says—Couldn't be prouder of all the kickass women she's going to have around her! "#Lets Just Hope Big Daddy Doesnt=20lb Baby ❤."All jokes aside, Lauren has been pretty quiet online as she prepares for the birth of her newborn.

It was Garcia who helped revitalize his flagging career amid a rut of ill-advised family-oriented films that saw Johnson, at his lowest ebb, don a pink tutu in 2010 fantasy comedy .

The image couldn’t be further from the ripped WWE champion wrestler he had once been.“It was like, what does a Hollywood star look like?

It didn’t look like Dwayne Johnson,” Garcia explains of the star’s early tribulations in the movie business after transitioning from WWE to Hollywood permanently in 2003. Maybe, I’m too big.’” Normally weighing somewhere between 260 and 270 pounds, Johnson had dropped to an unusually low 230 pounds for 2007’s Disney caper , three key things happened.

Firstly, Johnson formally asked Garcia, a business and finance executive who had already been immersed in his work life for much of his career, to take over his management.

This beautiful cycle of life and womanhood beginning again."Back in the middle of September, E!

And since he’s a giant with an expensive, 5,000 calorie-per-day diet, you can bet that Johnson doesn’t just guzzle plain-old tap water to fuel all of those workouts.

As recently revealed, he prefers to stay hydrated by drinking Voss. You know: the expensive bottled water that comes in those fancy, glass-looking cylinders that would seem perfectly at home in a European art gallery.

People reports that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been on diaper duty lately.

The Hayward, California native is loving every second with his 7-month-old daughter, Jasmine.

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