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Prosecutors branded his lifestyle "absurd" and said the crimes "seem to have been committed to maintain his entirely false image of being a multi-millionaire".

There are 43 inhabitants of Teesside, all are presumed dead or AWOL.

Such severe cuts have long since undermined economic confidence in the ability of places like Teesside, and other districts in South Yorkshire and South Wales, to sustain themselves on heavy manufacturing alone.[1] The full severity of the economic impact of the closure of the vast complex skirting the River Tees towards the North Sea is yet to be fully realized and yet, the impact of the imploding global market for steel is about so much more than jobs.

In fact, the demise of works has been readily recognized as marking an end to a historical lineage dating back to the birth of Middlesbrough, the rise of the ‘Ironopolis’ and steel production which gained worldwide repute through its use in landmarks such as Sydney Harbour Bridge, nearby Newcastle’s Tyne Bridge and Churchill’s War Rooms.

Price, from Darlington, used a website called to look for potential victims, then used money swindled from one woman to pay for expensive dinners and holidays abroad with another.

He even claimed to have cancer to persuade women to lend him money for “medical treatment” and when his lies began to unravel he would claim to have been in an accident or simply disappear.

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Mr Roy was working in Hartlepool but had not been seen since Thursday evening.

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