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Of course, various business strategists who discuss the razor-razor blade business model suggest that there are some key rules to making this work: for example, many feel that there needs to be some level of lock-in, that prevents competitors from entering the high margin part of the market.That is, if someone else can just sell the high margin razorblades, then why would Gillette make the low margin (or negative margin) razors, since customers might just go elsewhere for the blades?Above this price point is where you will find razors that are popular for reasons other than (or in addition to) performance.

Unlike razors with multi-blade, pivoted cartridges that come from a few large multi-national companies and manufactured to a very narrow set of specifications, double-edge (DE) razors (and blades) have a wide variety of options to choose from. Probably the most obvious factor is going to be price.Plus we offer several different brands of double edge blades to fit your beard type.These cut your beard close to the skin, and help you avoid rashes (razor burn) and skin problems, such as ingrown hairs.This strategy has become so well-known that it's mentioned all the time and seen in lots of other industries as well, especially the technology industry.It's seen as the basis for console video games (consoles cheap, games expensive), printers (printers cheap, ink expensive), mobile phone service (phones cheap, service expensive), etc.

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In the 1964 movie Goldfinger, we get a close look at Bond's shaving gear.

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