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The Students’ Union’s Q Centre is a safe, comfortable and inviting space for the LGBTQA community at the University of Calgary.Featuring a library and peer support services, the program coordinators and volunteers plan events and direct clients to relevant resources. During the school year, please contact the program coordinators, using (403) 220-4460 or [email protected] im desperatley trying to stop smoking as my mum has been diagnosed with upper airways disese and i dont want to end up the same anyway i havnt had one since 7 oclock last night , when i ran out and didnt buy anymore .im useing nicotine patches and its itching should i take it off or is that normal ??

It could be a step toward what Fox called, during his presentation, breaking a "culture of silence."Greek Life makes up 27.6 percent of MU's campus.

His trusty little Hewlett-Packard palmtop computer, with its Cisco wireless card, would slip easily under the pillow.

But he's resisted boosting Mayhem Manor's wireless signal for several reasons.

An issue that can complicate the numbers is that students sometimes drink at fraternities earlier in the night and then go elsewhere."I think the scope is magnified to Greeks.

However, sexual assault happens everywhere," junior Myles Artis, a member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity and regular at the peer educators group, said. Sexual assaults are happening in (residence) halls, it’s happening on streets, it’s happening off-campus — it’s happening everywhere."Larry Schuster, manager of Pioneer Window Works in Columbia and an alumni adviser for Alpha Gamma Sigma, said that fraternities are "just a mirror image for society." Fraternities are also easily identifiable groups, and that can make them a target, he said.

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  1. Horsey girls aren't that bad really." It shouldn't be difficult to meet a like-minded person in the countryside, given that there is a structured calendar of rural social events, including races and point-to-points.