Are kitty pryde and danny brown dating

At minimum, the Detroit rapper led several fans at the sold-out Triple Rock Social Club to believe, and many to proclaim on Twitter, that they saw a female concert-goer in the front row performing oral sex on him.

At max, the 18-and-up crowd witnessed something that put Brown's evening alongside Jim Morrison's "Miami Incident." Either way, this is one of the most unfun blogs about Brown ever.

I’ve been really pro-KP for a while, but I’m even a bigger fan now.

Kitty makes a lot of really good points about why people haven’t understood the assault of her friend for what it was.

She’s helped along by the finesse and direction of The Super 3, a production duo associated with Odd Future, the popular L. hip hop collective that’s enjoyed a meteoric ascent from internet to mainstream fame over the past two years.

Kish often feels at arm’s length from her music, and her online presence is more guarded than Pryde, who doesn’t seem to filter much.

Operating under the monikers Kitty Pryde and Kilo Kish, the two young women employ a sweet, sing-songy talk-rap style over synthy, provocative beats, and have gained their momentum more through Tumblr reblogs than You Tube views.

Both started their music careers on a whim: Kitty Pryde began rapping to entertain her friends; Kilo Kish would drop the odd rhyme or two over beers with her rapper roommate. Kish may agree, as she says in an interview with : “I’m still just kidding around which is kind of the point.” Their straightforward, intimate rhymes about everyday “girl” topics—feelings, relationships—are insightful and familiar.

The reasons for so much attention are numerous: He's fantastic to photograph, his music is creatively crass, and his live charisma is unmistakable.

I thought her analysis of why Danny Brown was paralyzed by expectations of masculinity was really spot on. Haha you’re gay you don’t want girls to suck your dick haha gay dude bro man swag! We often talk about how gender roles in rap–and, you know, life in general–constrain women, but here’s a really powerful instance of a man forced to sustain physical violence in order to maintain his public masculinity. And Kitty also brings up the point that, even aside from that aspect, the whole being unsure of what do when someone assaults you is probably pretty common.

She wrote: If he had figured out a way to gently push the girl off him immediately without looking like he was smacking her in the face, he’s faced with attacks on his masculinity by every douchebro in the building. She points out that she had her pants ripped off onstage, and didn’t know what to do either, “because being naked in front of 1000 people is incredibly scary and there’s not much quick decision-making happening in your brain during that sort of thing.” I think that’s an important point to make, too.

Two weeks ago, Detroit rapper Danny Brown was assaulted on stage during a show in Minneapolis.

Only, to hear the story as it was originally told , it wasn’t an assault at all, but a male rapper’s dream come true: a blowjob in mid-song.

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