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Leaving themselves in the hands of this screenplay is another matter.

According to Cusack, having Poe as a character in his own stories allows for Poe to deconstruct himself as well as his stories. I just read like our first little bad rumor thing, we knew it was coming, but I just heard it on, and I was like, 'Uhhh! Brilliant 'Cheers' spin-off in which psychiatrist Frasier Crane returns to his native Seattle, where he hosts a call-in radio show and spars with his fussy brother, their ex-cop father and dad's physical therapist.Part of the research Cusack did for the film was read some of the many letters Poe wrote.“There were no telephones back then, everyone wrote letters,” he said.

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“What I respond to most in his writing is the space between waking and dreaming,” said Cusack.

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