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To begin with -- NO, NO, NO, despite the misleading title, this is not one of the famous lottery dream books by the incomparable Rajah Rabo (Carl Z.

Talbot), author of Rajah Rabo's Pick'Em Dream Book and Rajah Rabo 5-Star Mutuel Dream Book. Okay, so with that out of the way, let's find out what Rajah Stanley was up to: This book consists of 96 pages of keywords, of which 70 are keywords describing dreams. S.," and "Good Luck Numbers;" I page of "Stanley's Lucky Forecast" by "Favorite Month;" 1 page of "Signs of the Zodiac and Your Lucky Birthday Numbers," 1 page of "Occupation" numbers; 1 page of "Things You See and Hear," and 1 page of numbers to pick by weekday "If You Cannot Remember Your Dream." Finally, and most noteworthily, there are 5 pages in this book in which Stanley basically introduced to the world singlehandedly the most successful post-modern form of dream number picking -- printing a few 3-digit gigs, boxes, and bugs in VERY LARGE NUMERALS with a cryptic phrase accompanying each set and assuming that the reader would somehow be spirit led to get the right message and thus pick the right numbers.

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Nope, what we have here is a complete and total rip-off of the title and concept (but not the contents) of the fabulous Rajah Rabo series, written by someone called -- i kid you not! There are no interpretations for the dreams, just sets of 3-digit number picks in the following format: In addition to the 70 pages of dream numbers, there is a 1 page introduction, "You May Be Sleeping on a Fortune," about the value of dreams as a lottery, lotto, or numbers betting system; 5 pages of numbers for men's names and 6 pages for women's names, 1 page of "Weather Numbers;" 1 page of numbers for "Days-of-the-Week, "Stanley's Best Bet," "Months of the Year," and "First Week of Month;" 2 pages of number picks for "Holidays," "Birthstone," "Principle Waterfalls of the U. In this early example of the technique, the phrases are: "Don't Do It," "Selections," "Special Alert," "New Experiences," and "Warning" -- and with these strangely compelling but essentially meaningless big-type word-and-numeral layouts, Rajah Stanley ushered in the late 20th century era of "catch-phrase" numbers picks.

This catch-phrase system (if you can call it a "system" -- it hardly seems to merit that appellation) has not supplanted the older, tried and true dream pick, runs down, and workout systems that characterize 19th and 20th century lottery books, but as the 21st century rolls on, we see more and more of these big-type layouts being offered for sale, and to date there has been little backlash against them, perhaps because despite their limitations (you get so few numbers per page!

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